Product quality risks mitigated by package integrity expertise
The West analytical services team has an extensive portfolio of Container Closure Integrity (CCI) techniques and analysis for various packaging and delivery systems to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers. The road from concept to patient can sometimes be a "tortuous path," but the CCI analytical group has the resources, expertise and insight to provide a thorough understanding of container systems from package development to market launch and lifecycle management.

West has a complete and comprehensive grasp on packaging components, delivery systems and functionality. As consultative problem solvers, customers can work with West through each and every phase of the product lifecycle, because we have the understanding and capabilities our customers need to ensure efficiency, reliability, and safety, from concept to patient.

West Services and Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of West, manages and performs the tests described above.

Capabilities and Expertise

West's analytical services offers the full battery of techniques and capabilities as described in USP chapter <1207>, including:

  • Tracer Gas Detection, vacuum mode (helium mass spectrometry)
  • Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy (oxygen headspace)
  • Tracer Liquid (dye ingress)

In addition to the technology above, West offers a wide variety of storage capabilities to fit a variety of needs for products and packages. We are able to perform CCI analysis at the below temperature conditions in real time, providing an accurate CCI assessment:

  • Ambient
  • Refrigerated
  • Frozen
    •  -20 C
    •  -80 C
    •  -120 C
    •  Liquid Nitrogen

As packaging systems become more complex and research continues to develop new biologics, the ability to store container systems in a comparable way to their lifecycle storage is of the utmost importance.

New and Novel Technology
  • Multi temperature condition capabilities, with real time CCIT analysis
  • Equipment and technology to fit the need of every situation based on configuration and lifecycle stage
  • Vacuum decay for multiple vial/syringe configurations
    • We are continuing to equip ourselves with a wide variety of test chambers and fixtures in order to provide customers with quick turnaround times and enhance cost efficiency 
  • Coming soon: Mass extraction/mass flow
Container Closure Testing Video Image

Selecting a device partner for combination product development should be based on several key considerations. Listen to our webinar, "Factor to Consider when Selecting a Combination Product Device Partner"!

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West Services and Solutions LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.
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