E&L Testing

OnDemand Webinar: Lyophilized Drug Product Case Study: Risk Mitigation of Primary Packaging through Physical and Chemical Testing

Learn how to accelerate your lyophilized drug development by de-risking your primary packaging selection in our free OnDemand Webinar.

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OnDemand Webinar: Choosing Optimized Packaging to Advance Lyo Drug Development

Explore considerations of primary packaging selection and review potential risks based on chemical, physical and functional testing in our free OnDemand Webinar.

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Container Closure Integrity

OnDemand Webinar: Managing Container Closure Related Complexities with Lyophilized Drug Products

Explore key considerations for selecting lyophilization stoppers suitable for intended use.

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1. West Stability Report 741-SSR
2. West 541-EXR; Material Characterization available with CDA

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