10mL and 15mL FluroTec Cartridge Plunger

FluroTec® Cartridge Plungers

Premier choice components to protect drugs from contamination ?

West primary and secondary packaging components for combination products
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Combination Product Offerings

Additional Benefits?


Minimize E&L Risk?

Using the same elastomer with FluroTec? barrier coating minimizes the risk of extractables and leachables which can degrade your drug product.?


Avoid Delays?

West offers a range of packaging and delivery solutions, including off-the-shelf options, to simplify and expedite the process of finding a compatible combination for faster market entry. ?


Customize To Your Brand?

The FluroTec? 5-10ml Cartridge Plunger, when bundled with the Flip-Off? CCS Seals, can be customized to your product branding with over 20 seal button colors to choose from.


Fill-Finish Integration?

The FluroTec? 1.5mL double coated plungers are easily integrated into current fill-finish operations without the need for expensive custom parts.



FluroTec? Cartridge Plungers are supplied Ready-to-Use, hence can be rapidly introduced to fill lines avoiding additional processing needs and streamlining manufacturing efficiencies.

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