Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.

West’s long-standing partnership with Daikyo Seiko, Ltd., has strengthened both companies’ ability to serve their respective global pharmaceutical customers. The relationship has enabled West and Daikyo to develop products that help customers mitigate drug product development risks and enhance patient safety.

Daikyo Seiko is Japan’s leading manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical delivery system components, and has built a strong reputation for materials and manufacturing innovation. Daikyo’s products include Flurotec® coated serum and lyophilization stoppers, syringe plungers and tip caps, and Daikyo Crystal Zenith® vials and syringe barrels.

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 Daikyo Flurotec® and Daikyo Crystal Zenith® are trademarks of Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.

West Mexico

West owns 49% of West Pharmaceutical Services Mexico, S.A de C.V., and its manufacturing subsidiaries, AluPlast and PharmaTap. The facilities are located in Cuernavaca, about 60 miles south of Mexico City. West Mexico also maintains a sales office in Mexico City.

AluPlast manufactures aluminum pharmaceutical seals and plastic bottle caps and closures. PharmaTap manufactures serum and lyophilization stoppers, syringe plungers and sleeve stoppers. Most of West Mexico’s products are consumed domestically. The company also exports to Central and South America and the Caribbean region

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